Our vision is to empower local women farmers to alleviate hunger and poverty by removing barriers to finance for agriculture and through implementation of new technology and training in more professional farming practices.

Our history

Over the past few years a family-owned land in The Gambia was being used by 51 local female farmers working hard to feed their families but struggling to make ends meet. Despite their best efforts, the unpredictable and infrequent rainfalls made the reliable growth of produce extremely difficult. In October 2018 the owner of the land decided to provide them with more support. The women were asked to temporarily vacate the land whilst development works were undertaken and upon completion in September 2019, invited to return to a new, more professionally run farm.

Now paid for their labour and at the same time undergoing intensive hands-on training in sustainable professional organic farming methods, the women find themselves with a reliable income throughout the year and a valuable transferable skill set to ensure their future security. Additionally, using a social enterprise structure the company is set up to provide all workers with further income via profits gained through the sales of all farm produce.

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